International Labor Organization says: Work of decent quality is the most effective means of escaping the vicious circle of marginalization, poverty and social exclusion. People with disabilities are frequently trapped in this vicious circle, and positive action is needed to assist them in breaking out of it. Barriers which disabled people face in getting jobs and taking their place in society can and should be overcome through a variety of policy measures, regulations, programmes, and services. In the world of Job Hunting, not having equal opportunities can put you at the back of the pack. For people with disabilities, that can mean navigating with additional barriers. Right from halls to doorways (with staircase), to information (visually challenged), who would not be able to see the world, millions of people with disabilities, face barriers to finding jobs. It is not just physical barriers, our attitudes also creates barriers for people with disabilities through our misconceptions, negativity, prejudice and ignorance. But, did you ever consider the ability factor?? One in seven people around the world is disabled, that constitutes to 15% of the total world population- A billion people. This means that a lot of people WITH ABILITY can factor in your workplace, as they create diversity and that is commendable in a business which improves opportunities. They are an untapped resource of skills and talents who also improve the workplace morale. Anuvikaz is glad to take a small step for paving the way to ensure that equal opportunity for the specially challenged is provided. Wait and watch out for more on this space.

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