Ramachandran Kannan interview to Business Line – 17-Nov-2008

One teacher I remember and why Fr. McGrath who asked me to describe myself at the end of my college days
One most valuable work lesson, thus far Conscientiousness, the trait of being painstaking, self-disciplined and achievement oriented
One thing I look for most in a new recruit Attitude and willingness to learn
One thought from a book that I am currently reading Your life is your message
One tip for time management Do it now as if there is no tomorrow
One key thing in my fitness routine Yoga, 30-45 minutes
One signal that tells me there is a problem Someone flattering me
One technique for handling anger Take a few deep breaths
One essential ingredient in my investment portfolio Self-development and learning
One good thing about the new generation Courageous
One worrying thing about the young Exposure to media is at times too high
One thing that clinches a deal Homework and focus
One definition of values Beliefs that govern your actions in life
One way that I use for resolving conflicts Conciliation
One favourite activity while travelling Meeting new people
One indicator of performance Quality
One macroeconomic variable I keenly watch Changes in quality of life
One dream I’d like to chase later in life To grow my NGO and help the visually challenged
One good way to foster innovation Keep things simple
One clue that tells me I’m the leader Having everyone tell me what to do